The United Kingdom That Included The Now Republic Of Ireland Was Inspired By God

King Henry II

As a young man I grew up surrounded by republicanism and have endured my fair share of terror having travelled to the North throughout the 80’s and 90’s. Despite this I’ve always had a nuanced view of the relationship between Ireland and England displeasing to both modern Loyalists and Republicans. Some people feel I always look for the middle ground so as to avoid one truth over the other in the name of peace and balance, but this is not true. I desire the truth like anyone else.

My assessment is more theological than political. If you want to believe my side of the story you’re going to need some faith in God and the Catholic Church. If you’re more politically minded then my explanation won’t mean anything to you.

I believe that if it were not for King Henry II there wouldn’t be a Catholic Ireland. I am committed to the idea that the British isles (Ireland included) was inspired by God when Pope Adrian IV gave King Henry II permission to enter Ireland. Many speak of it as an invasion, but it was more a response of the Holy See to a report by St.Malachy and St.Bernard on the fast spiritual descent of Ireland into Heathenism and all sorts of other “isms” that didn’t include Catholicism.

The Papal Bull by Pope Adrian IV giving Ireland to Henry II and encouraging him to go in there and fix it up both spiritually and economically was further confirmed by his successor Pope Alexander III. King Henry II entered virtually uncontested by the whole of Ireland. All its kings and Bishops gave loyalty to the King of England because they knew that this was a good deal for them. Not only was Ireland going to be fixed spiritually but that there’d be bread on the table.

Today a similar type of union can be seen with countries that sign up for the EU. Despite the fact they talk about regaining sovereignty of their country when joining the EU every dog in the street knows they give up their sovereignty to the EU bloc, Ireland included (the irony of which I’ll speak about later).

King Henry II and his successors King Richard the I and John built Ireland. One of King Johns Constables happens to be my oldest grandfather. His name was Elias Fitz Norman (Elias Son of Norman) of Welsh origin. He built St.Catherines Abbey in Waterford where he was granted permission to do so by King John and given much land there.

I have to laugh at modern nationalistic republicans who seem to know more about leftist imbeciles like Karl Marx and Che Guevara than they do their own Irish Catholic history. Despite the fact the war up north was often referred to as Catholics vs Protestants very few of them were practicing Christians. Todays republican and protestant modern groups are even less religious than their predecessors. For them it’s no longer about religion but possession of ones land and freedom to rule over themselves.

We’ve seen how well that went before King Henry II came onto the scene to rescue us from our spiritual demise. Furthermore, we saw it once again when the Irish revolutionaries took control of the south in 1922. Ireland plummeted into poverty while these so called Catholic rebels lived a life of luxury. It wasn’t long before we joined the EU the very act of which served as proof we cannot survive on our own.

Pope Adrian the IV knew Ireland could not survive on its own and was aware it needed to become part of a bloc where its national traditions could still thrive under allegiance to a good Catholic King who wanted much the same thing. However, it all turned south mostly when King Henry VIII came on the scene and broke away from the Catholic faith. This truly was the nail in the coffin of Irish and English relations. This King destroyed everything all the hopes and dreams his predecessors had for a United Kingdom because he couldn’t control his lust.

Despite the next few hundred years of unspeakable barbarity by this King and his successors, Ireland remained somewhat loyal to the ideal of a United Kingdom. As relations between the two became greatly relaxed in the Victorian period, the Irish desired home rule. This time, the new Protestant British monarchy unguided by God made several mistakes by not granting this quick enough. The distraction of World War I saw such a prospect of home rule being placed on the back burner again.

Before I continue it’s important to note that regardless of the British government at the time being protestant, it was still the legitimate government of the British isles. St.Peter inspired by God said we must honour the emperor. This was an emperor who murdered many Christians simply for being Christian no different than the British nation murdered Catholics. Yet we are exhorted at all times to be obedient and honour the legitimate government over us.

At the turn of the 20th century Irish people were not being treated harshly by the British government. Evidence of this can be found in the immediate repulsion of the Irish public towards the rebels who took part in the 1916 rising. I don’t find the behaviour of the rebels acceptable at all because there was no imminent threat from the British government that gave cause for such an uprising other than the placing of home rule being put on the backburner due to world war I.

The question we have to ask ourselves is whether or not that was sufficient reason to go in and begin killing Irish and Englishmen sitting at home with their families? No it was not. But then the British and Irish police force, in sheer frustration towards such acts of violence shot themselves in the foot by their violent reaction. Then the whole population of Ireland who was favourable to the British governments dealings with the rebels before turned sour and they got behind the rebels.

Then Ireland fell into economic poverty the likes of which probably akin to what it was before King Henry II took over all those centuries ago. Pedophiles and crooks entered the priesthood taking advantage of this new so called “Free state” inability to govern and the Irish found themselves under a new sort of subjugation by those who claimed to liberate Ireland while they and their children walked barefoot in the streets.

The freedom didn’t last long as Ireland realized that the romantic notion of freedom from a larger economic bloc came with dire consequences. We joined the EU whose immigration policies had us endure similar to what the British did to us. They flushed Catholicism and other forms of Christianity off the land by breeding it out of us through immigration of a people with different religions and cultures than our own. Unlike Oliver Cromwell they did it without violence and via the silent weapon of brainwashing which makes it all the more dangerous because like a frog being slowly boiled to death you don’t see nor feel the danger.

I had the Irony of listening to our current prime minister giving a speech at the 100 year centenary of Irish rebel Michael Collins. This is the same prime minister who a few years ago said, “We will have nothing to do with the backward idea of sovereignty. Ireland remains committed to the ideals and values of the European Union”.

Honestly we Irish are just embarrassing ourselves before the British. Nigel Farage who relentlessly campaigned for the removal of Britain from the EU saw the irony in it as well. On live television one of our over paid media pundits Claire Byrne attempted to make fun of him. But he proposed a question to her which she could not respond to which was why did Ireland fight for a free Ireland only to give that sovereignty to the EU?

What an amazing question. It is true that ever since King Henry the VIII both England and Ireland have been like a ship without a rudder, a throne without a good King. The Catholic Church has been kicked out of both countries and they are worse off than before King Henry II came here.

What we need is a new King not the Dutch fakes we have in London at the moment. We need another Henry to come set things right again. I do believe that one day the United Kingdom will be back in all its glory when the King of Kings comes. However, it won’t be one pleasing to either the existing British protestants or the Catholic republican rebels.

In his Bull to the great King Henry II, Pope Adrian IV said, “Whatever has its origin in ardent faith and in love of religion, always has a prosperous end and issue.” Although the spiritual and economic demise of England and Ireland as a United Kingdom seemed to have demonstrated the Pope could have been wrong, I still believe that while trouble came upon us in the 16th century, the prosperous end built on the faith of our first few Kings is coming.

So I say God bless Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. God bless a modern revitalized Catholic United Kingdom the way He willed it under Pope Adrian IV and King Henry II all those centuries ago. When we get that back things will be put right again. Amen

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